Lisa a 21 years old female from North Ayrshire attended the Wellbeing 4 Women (WBW) group in October 2022, she attended due to poor mental health, depression and anxiety. She grew up in a household with family member in active addiction and experienced the trauma of this had on her mental health and wellbeing.  

Although she first presented as a nervous woman Lisa quickly built positive, nurturing and healthy relationships within the group and was mentored by some of the more experienced women. Harbour offered additional support and the growth in her personal development and the increase in her confidence has been self-evident.  

 A local beautician and business woman attended group to offer the women a beauty treatment and enjoyed the experience so much she offered to train 2 of the women to become certified in performing wax and facial treatment in her beauticians. Lisa accepted the opportunity and has been working with the local business woman since,  and is now certified in waxing and facials, she is currently in a part time position and accessing training to develop her skills. The business woman has  reported Lisa is thriving in her role, keeps good time keeping, has a positive attitude and is an asset within the salon. Customers are now asking personally for Lisa.  

 Lisa continues to attend W4W on a Monday and volunteers at Broken Chains where her father now works as he is in recovery himself.