• Some of our Volunteers have reached milestones in their recovery journey.
  • Harbour Ayrshire attends the Heart Family Funday in Kilmarnock College.
  • New Community Support Vehicle hits the road.
  • Harbour participates in a Recovery Walk at Bowhouse Prison.
  • Harbour participates in the Ayrshire Recovery Festival.
  • Male volunteers stay at Aviemore retreat.

Knockout Donation Received!

Harbour Ayrshire are absolutely delighted with this hugely generous donation of a whopping £3500 which was raised at a charity boxing night for MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDE AWARENESS.

One of our volunteers John Hamilton had never tried boxing before and he trained really hard and took part in this amazing event and fought really well against a tough opponent, we salute you john and thank you.

This event was organised by Alison Linton and her sons and their friends and they raised an incredible sum of £15000 which they donated to some other wonderful charities.

THANK YOU to all involved this will allow us to continue to make a huge difference in the lives of others.


Emotional Remembrance Walk

Remembering lost loved ones as we walked from the Fullarton Community Hub to Irvine beach to do a balloon release with our loved ones names written on the balloons. Then we dipped in the sea, ate Dominoes Pizza and created some great memories while building true friendships.

Men’s Retreat

What an amazing experience for the Harbour Ayrshire volunteers this weekend. We headed up to the beautiful Craigard Lodge in Aviemore for some R&R. Watched salmon jump in the Rogie Falls while dipping in the very fresh waters! Saw some beautiful sights and created wonderful memories and bonds that will hopefully never be broken.

Magnificent Milestones – Brendan

Congratulations Brendan McGivern on achieving a fantastic milestone of 9 months continuous sobriety. Brendan came to us after With You Roads Team accessed him a stint in rehab. He received support from our Buddy Service and threw himself into recovery. Brendan is now using that experience to very successfully Buddy people in a similar situations. He is a real asset to Harbour Ayrshire and a beacon of hope to others struggling with addictions.

Keep shining Brendan and thanks for everything you do for others.


Magnificent Milestones – Charlie

We would like to congratulate “oor Chazza” on achieving a huge milestone in his recovery of 1 whole year continuous sobriety

Chazza volunteers at our MOT Ayr Men’s Group and is a great example to his peers and the men he supports. Charlie comments; “Honestly I’m a man with few words lol but will say if I didn’t get the help and support from Harbour I’d be dead by now and the only way I can thank Harbour for this new amazing life I have now is to volunteer and help anyone that I can”

Congratulations Chazza from all of the Harbour Ayrshire Crew, keep on keeping on.



Magnificent Milestones – Chris & John

A very strange thing happened on the 18th September 2022. These two decided to throw the towel in and prove the recovery paradox that you need to “surrender to win”. They went to the same rehab Steps to Hope SCIO to recover in a safe place, came home to their families and fully invested in their lives. Today they celebrate 1 year continuous sobriety and are two of the finest young men one could wish to meet. Happy birthday Chris Seddon & John Hamilton


Top Transport

We are delighted to present the latest edition of the Harbour Ayrshire fleet. With the increasing demand for the Community Support Vehicle” (CSV) , our funding partners Staticworld has kindly donated this top of the range transport for the volunteers to support women fleeing domestic abuse or relocating homeless people to their new forever homes. The CSV offers an opportunity for the volunteers to pay back to their communities and is literally a life changing service for the people receiving support. If you are in the above categories and looking to access this service, call 01292623016

Harbour can only provide our services because of the generosity of our funders. The running of the CSV project is funded by Sylvia Aitken Charitable


Bowhouse Recovery Walk

All the services visiting the boys in Bowhouse today for their recovery walk. Great to see the guys and offer support to them for the future. Thanks to the prison staff and the organisers for a great day and opprtunity to visit the estate.

Amazing Festival

What an amazing day at the Ayrshire Festival yesterday which was extremely well run by RecoveryAyr and the huge team of volunteers.

A whole array of emotions displayed on the day, we laughed, cried, competed (maybe too strongly) and had lots of fun, while networking with the the phenomenal amount of services who turned up on the day.

Well done to everyone involved in the running of the event and a special thanks to our Harbour Ayrshire team Stacey, Stefanie, Jennifer and our newest recruit Big Chris Austin who did a splendid job running our stall. Date already in the calendar for next year!


Six Month’s of Success

Evidence suggests it takes 6 months to acclimatise to a new role, not so with our “Recovery Practitioner” Stacey who has hit the ground running, offering a “Gold Standard” support to people in her various roles.

Stacey’s is making a huge difference in her role as Recovery Practitioner in South Ayrshire and this would not be possible without the funding we received from the Scottish Government’s Community Mental Health & Well Being fund distributed by Voluntary Action South Ayrshire

In her spare time Stacey volunteers for Harbour Ayrshire in two roles, she facilitates a “women Thrive ” group in East Ayrshire Recovery Hub ( again, kindly donated by the Hub) and Stacey volunteers on the Harbour “out of hours” Helpline offering support to people in crisis when the services are closed. We are very lucky to have Oor Stace at Harbour Ayrshire