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Individuals who enter a rehabilitation process are less likely to complete the programme when a comprehensive support structure is not in place at the early stages. This support is known as prehab and is aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and support networks that are fundamental to the success of the rehabilitation stage. Harbour (Ayrshire) understands the growing importance of prehab and offers an unparalleled range of advice and support, thus increasing the chances of a successful rehabilitation. A report is compiled at the end of this stage to assess effectiveness and aid in continuous improvement.


  • Project Manager meets and assesses needs
  • Lived-experience Buddy is allocated
  • Develop intense daily action plan (Fellowship Meetings, Harbour Groups, Recovery Activities)
  • Buddy takes supported person to pre-assessment meeting at Rehab Centre
  • Community recovery guidance is provided (Recovery Mentor (Sponsor), frequent meetings, etc)
  • Cost of living support provided (if required)
  • Financial assistance to access public transport (if required)
  • Support with access to digital meetings
  • Opportunity to support existing Harbour services and community projects
  • Weekly communication with current Rehab Centre residents
  • Weekly meetings with Rehab Centre graduates
  • Supported admission to Rehab Centre by Buddy
  • Daily and weekly reports completed by Project Manager and Buddy throughout.


Harbour (Ayrshire) liaises with various rehab centres, including Calderglen House, Ark House, Jericho, and maintains a continuous relationship with the supported person throughout their rehabilitation, including weekly support from a buddy/mentor.


A comprehensive aftercare plan is an essential part of the transition back into everyday life. A large proportion of relapses happen when this important element of rehabilitation is inadequate – one support call a week is not enough! Harbour (Ayrshire) offers a unique aftercare package, implemented by the Harbour (Ayrshire) Management Team and lived-experience volunteers. A report is compiled at the end of the rehabilitation process to identify strengths and weaknesses and facilitate the continuous improvement of Harbour (Ayrshire).


  • Buddy to collect supported person from residential
  • Added to Graduate WhatsApp Group
  • Develop and sign a comprehensive recovery agreement
  • Continue with community recovery guidance (Recovery Mentor (Sponsor), Frequent Meetings, etc)
  • Identify Harbour and other voluntary opportunities
  • Supporting existing Harbour services and community projects
  • Supporting others on the Prehab pathway
  • Facilitate free to access leisure facilities (K:A Leisure, etc)
  • Free to access trauma counselling
  • Revisit residential to share experience with aftercare
  • 4, 8 and 12 week assessment with Project Manager
  • Available for mentoring and Buddying
  • Access to Harbour Employability Project
  • Continued support on an advocacy basis (Housing, benefits, legal, etc)
  • Weekly reports completed by Mentor.
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