The Harbour (Ayrshire) volunteers travel to Glasgow at least once a month and engage with homeless individuals in the area. We supply rainproof ponchos, hot food, warm clothing and a cup of hot tea. This gives us the opportunity to sit down for a chat, helping us to build relationships and trust with each individual. We guide them to homeless shelters, encourage them to seek help and signpost them to the support networks that are available.

We make a pre-paid mobile phone available, allowing individuals to contact friends, family or loved ones who they may have lost contact with. Recently, a young man got back in touch with his family in Inverness who had no idea where he was. This resulted in him reconnecting and getting himself off the streets and back with his family. On another occasion, a homeless man was found beaten-up in an alleyway. He was ready to give up and admitted he was suicidal. We managed to take him to a hotel and then into a safer longer-term environment and he is making efforts to get his life back on track. In some instances, we have managed to get people to attend fellowship meetings and help them onto the ladder of recovery – small successes but very important none-the-less.

Harbour (Ayrshire) always welcome donations of clothing, such as hats and scarves, and toiletries. If you would like to donate to this very important service, please get in touch on 01292 623 016.

The Community Support Vehicle assists local charities that are working with individuals in crisis. This could be by helping women fleeing domestic violence or assisting homeless people to move into accommodation. A voluntary donation is always welcome and helps keep this vital service on the road. Please note that the vehicle is for charitable organisations that support people in crisis only and is not a removal service.


Introducing our smallest member of the fleet! ‘Lois’ will be covering the length and breadth of Ayrshire, transporting our staff into the heart of our local communities. Don’t forget to give her a wave or a toot!!